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Expojo 2.2 is on its way!

Expojo 2.2 is almost here Expojo 2.2 has some very useful enhancements but the main changes are name changes to some key classes which make more sense. Don't worry, we haven't removed the old classes (yet) so your existing code should work fine. Some of the name changes are: ModelExposer > ExpojoContext This class is automatically bound to the thread processing a HTTP request by the ExpojoFilter. ExpojoContext is readily available anywhere in your code via ExpojoContext.get(). It contains all the Repository and Service components that are registered in ExpojoContextFactory's addComponents method. ModelExposerFactory > ExpojoContextFactory This factory can be overridden but most likely the existing implementations will provide what you need. ExpojoServletContextListener > ExpojoFoundation This class has not really been a ServletContextListener for a long time (the listening is all done by ExpojoFilter now) so it was time for a name change. ExpojoF